Learning tower Henri

Adjustable in seconds

The tower can easily be adjusted in height or converted into a high chair. Just remove the shelf and insert it at the desired height. The different slots have been designed so that your child cannot remove the shelf without your help.

Learning tower Henri

Henri is present on all the towers

We apply our image to each tower using an iron heated to very high temperatures. This technique allows us to guarantee that Henri will remain present throughout your child's growth.

Observation tower

Each tower is unique ...

The character, the knots, and the variations in color are what make wood such an elegant material. The imperfections are what make each tower unique and perfect in its own way ❤

Tour d'apprentissage Henri

A lunch shelf for the use of the high chair

The lunch shelf allows the tower to be used in the high chair position. It is included with every tower. The lunch shelf can be stored at the base of the cabinet in seconds.

Tour d'apprentissage

A tower in your image

Each tower is hand sanded and ready to receive the protection of your choice. Whether you prefer the natural color of wood or a flamboyant color, it is possible!

Feedback from our customers =)

Best buy! We use it every day, it's a must for young children!

Janie E.

Very nice product. Super well done, functional and adapts to our decorations. Tour that evolves with the age of the child and our different needs. I love it and my son too. Big crush on the lunch tablet. Nice shopping experience.chat.

Joanie N.

Very nice product! Beautiful making, good quality, very aesthetic. My 11 month old daughter adopted it immediately! I recommend without any hesitation!

Emilie G.

Very nice tower, fast delivery! Easy to assemble !!

Ludwig H.

Very nice product and of good quality! Here we have a very happy little guy !!! Thank you !

Laurie M.

A quality product, produced quickly and at a super competitive price !!! Wow!

Vicky I.

Product quality and competitive prices, answer our questions very quickly. Fast service!

Sophie T.

Our daughter loves it and so do we!

Camille B.

Did you know that:

Learning by observation plays a major role in a child's development. From an early age, children observe and record observed behaviors and will try to reproduce them. Our towers allow you to involve your child in your daily activities and thus provide an essential stimulus for good development.