Safety Notice

- Assembly must be done by an adult and according to the assembly instructions.  
- It is recommended to apply a protection (oil, varnish, paint) in order to protect the tower. Please refer to the instructions provided by the protection manufacturer.  
- The maximum weight is 68 kilograms (150 pounds) and the tower should be used by one child at a time.  
- Adult supervision is required at all times. The adult should be within one meter of the child at all times when using the tower.  
- The tower must only be used indoors and on a leveled floor.  
- It is essential that the child is able to stand up, stand and walk on his own in order to use the tower. The recommended minimum age is 18 months.  
- The tightness of the screws should be checked regularly and tightened if necessary.  
- The safety barrier must always be in place when the child is in the tower.  
- The hips of the child should in no case exceed the top of the tower. If so, move the tablet to a lower position. 
- The removable shelf must be installed on the fixed cross member of the tower. Under no circumstances should it be hung on the removable security fence. 
- In the seating position, the child must always be facing the fixed fence of the tower.